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Catia V5, Blender

Blender, Catia V5
About This Project

We got an end project in the Catia V5 course “Solid Modeling”, where we got dimensions for a PCB electric circuit board, to which we were tasked to create a casing box to it.
Some of the more critical criteria for the project included:
Specific outer dimensions.
Slide-on/slide-off cable shield w. specific dimensions and attachable both forwards and backward (side piece).
Hatch for a memory card slot.
Ventilation for airflow without added risk to let dust into the case.
Minimum 2° release angles for production tools.
Internal screw towers.
Construction strengthens with included release angles.
Modeling done in Catia V5 and Visualization done in Blender 3D. Much love and care put in this project, I had a blast. <3