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VRED, Alias Autostudio

About This Project

End project in our visualisation course.
We were suggested to find a model on or use one of our teacher’s pre-picked ones. I found this concept model from Walter Piretti, which I used for my project.

No modelling involved from my side here, all creds goes to the author for an awesome model, I just made my own materials and set my lighting.

Project involved:

  • Arrange Layers and shapes for clean export to VRED from workingfile.
  • Find a concept through images that we were supposed to mimic/use as a base.
  • Find and use a background image for the final production
  • Render a final image(s).

All I can say is that my old Macbook Pro 2013 is getting tired from all the work and I will look into a new upgrade.

Copyright Polestar
Copyright Walter Piretti